The transport system is the economic heartbeat and lifeline of any community as it is responsible for the daily movement of both human and natural resources. The efficiency of this system can help fuel the much needed socio-economic and intra-migration development within the FCT and by extension other states of the Federation.

The lack of proper supervision and inadequate availability of regulated taxis has led to the increasing activities of touts and criminals who have taken advantage of this shortage to lure desperate innocent passengers who eventually get robbed, raped or duped of their belongings. This evil act is popularly called “one chance”. In some cases, the taxi drivers in the F.C.T are used to convey illegal drugs to youths in various tertiary institution in the F.C.T.

Our taxi brand is born out of the desire to mitigate and ameliorate these negative trends by developing and employing a transport system that is; trusted, safe, accountable, responsible and cost effective.

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Our success today is largely dependent on the huge support and constructive criticism that we have enjoyed in the last years.

In the wake of the eroded trust that has befallen the public transport system in Nigeria, CoTrac Nigeria has developed a Taxi Management System that will restore safety to drivers and passengers who patronize the public transport system in the FCT while eliminating the increasing trends of rape, armed robbery and “one chance”.

To effectively deliver on this mission, we have created opportunities for our customers to make huge profits by allowing us use their vehicles (idle vehicles at home or invest into the scheme) or purchased vehicle on rental basis.

We feel very confident that with our wealth of experience in satellite fleet management service, we would not only guarantee timely remittance of profit proceeds to you but also help restore the lost confidence in the public transport system in the FCT especially with your involvement. The current CoTrac Cabs Official Fleet Model is Mazda 323F.

OUR RENTAL RATES                                                                                                 

Vehicle models from 2000-2008 = N48, 000 Monthly                                               Vehicle Models from 2009-2013 = N60, 000 Monthly

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