Dear prospective CoTrac Cabs Agent,

At CoTrac Cabs, everyone is family. We are inspired to build the largest and most effective taxi franchise management service in Nigeria.

The CoTrac Cabs taxi franchise system is built on a strong foundation of trust, customer service and affordable cost for our passengers.

We value commitment to hard work and as such, our reward for diligence is very competitive in the taxi industry.

Details about the CoTrac Franchise Taxi Service for CoTrac Cab Agents.

  • CoTrac Cabs operates branded road worthy vehicles (Mazda 323F) for its taxi service.
  • All vehicles on our fleet are managed by the CoTrac Technical Team at    NO SERVICE FEE.
  • Cab Agents are not allowed to use the services of 3rd party mechanics.
  • The company will be responsible for monthly servicing and repairs of the vehicles.
  • The company maintains a strong policy on maintenance and as such Cab Agents will be held responsible for mechanical or electrical faults that are due to the carelessness of the Cab Agent.


  • Our brand proficiency and our partnership with different organizations, parks, universities, hospitals and airlines allows our Cab Agents enjoy huge patronage from the public. All CoTrac Cab Agents on our scheme enjoy passenger routing from the CoTrac Cab’s Command Center.
  • We offer support services for disputes that might involve NURTW or law enforcement Agents.
  • After 2 years’ satisfactory service, the Cab Agent will enjoy a discount price for outright purchase of the vehicle under a flexible payment plan.
  • The welfare package for our Cab Agents allows them enjoy low prices and special packages from services offered by Health Management Organizations (HMO), Restaurants, Banks (Mortgage loans), schools and professional trainings.
  • Our partnership with major petrol stations guarantee convenience for our Cab Agents to purchase fuel during petrol scarcity.
  • Every CoTrac Cab Agent is expected to pay a daily franchise service fee of N5,000 every week day and N3,000 (flat fee) per weekend.


To join as a CoTrac Cab Agent, kindly fill the form to enroll into the college.